4 Reasons to Join our Austin Running Group

We’ve just celebrated our 5th year of coaching runners of all levels! We know there are plenty of people that run solo, but why? With plenty of Austin running groups around, we want to tell you how running with Trail Roots can change your life!


1) Community- this is where we spend most of our time. Our coaches spend hours connecting new runners to existing members and fostering relationships. When a new member joins, they are assigned a small running tribe where they make friends immediately! Having people to help hold you accountable on your running goals and support your training is key! Another important part of our community is meeting people that have similar goals and values and lifestyles. Spending time with people that support you on your running journey makes it more likely you will follow through.


2)Running Technique and Custom Coaching- Before we begin each run club workout we spend 15-20 minutes warming up and practicing our mobility drills. We also offer strength classes geared towards preventing running injuries. By learning these drills and strength exercises you will be more in touch with your running form. We also vary the terrain you will run on. From trail, to road, to track, you wont be bored. You will have a better chance at staying healthy throughout your training cycle as well.

Our coaching is unique from other Austin running clubs, because we offer custom training plans! No matter who you are, we will create a running plan that fits your needs, schedule, and running goals.

3) Self Empowerment- Running is not easy. Austin running it not easy. It’s nearly 100 degrees for a quarter of the year! Setting some intentions for the year and continuing to work consistently teaches you much about yourself. Running is a tool for life and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in running will help you do it other areas too.

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4) Learn Austin Running Trails - Each Saturday our running group meets at a different trail. With over 20 local Austin trails you can find a place to escape the roads no matter where you live! We typically mark a 5-7 mile loop, so all our runners can participate. The runners that want more miles do multiple loops. Then we always find a place nearby for breakfast tacos! You can check out our running trail blog as well to see local Austin trail routes!

Of course we have plenty of reasons why we want you to join our running club, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our testimonials! We hope you give us a try soon! With 4 weekly group runs, you won’t be disappointed. Try our free no commitment trial week. We look forward to talking to you soon.

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