​Dress for Success: 6 Cold Weather Tips for Texas Runners


 We have just hit cold weather, and in 24 hours it can go from summer to winter here in Austin! From 90 degrees one day to a high of 49 the next, we have pretty drastic climate. As you know the only thing that stays the same about our weather is it never stays the same. Being under or overdressed for a run can be a constant battle. We chatted with our friend and Trail Roots coach, Joe at The Loop Running Supply, and we put together a few tips to help you prepare for your next cold  run. Remember we have a  humid climate, so 35 degrees in the cold windy rain feels much different here than it might in a drier climate such as Colorado.

1. It’s not really that cold when you're running! In Central Texas we don’t have a ton of freezing mornings, but the first cold days can shock you keeping you inside and not out running!  Joe from the Loop tell us to dress as if its 10-15 degrees warmer than the actual temperature.
2. Layer, Layer, Layer. You need to put away your old Starter NBA jacket and keep your layers thin. You might be freezing the first 10-20 minutes, but once your body warms up then you won’t want to be lugging around that big heavy jacket.
3. Steer Clear From Waterproof Gear! Water Resistant gear or light wind-breakers are much better than waterproof jackets. Those don’t breathe well, and leave you soaked from sweat.
4. No Cotton (including your undies…if you wear them running). Synthetic and merino wool keeps you drier and the fabric is more breathable. If it does get wet, it won’t make you cold like cotton.
5. NO tights over 50 degrees…. You might consider using tights while warming up (especially if you have a workout) when you hit 45 degrees or cooler. One option around this temperature is capri tights or half tights. 
6. Keep a few pieces of running gear  in your car.  We recommend throwing a beanie and pair of gloves  and a wind breaker that can fold up in your car just in case the cold sneaks up on you. These few items will help you get through an unexpected cold run! 

Sample Outfits

(keep in mind these can vary based on the person and intensity of the run. If you have a workout, then you might shed some layers during that part)


50 degrees
running shorts
running shirt
running socks
Light ½ zip


50 Degrees with wind/rain
half tights/ capri tights
long sleeve running shirt
running cap with brim to keep rain out
tall running socks or compression socks
light wind breaker/vest


35 degrees
full tights
long sleeve running shirt
½ zip
thin running beanie/hoodie
running gloves, mittens, or socks over hands
(mittens if you have bad circulation to your hands)

erik stanley