Trail Roots Member Spotlight: Rachael


Why did you want to become a run coach? 
I've had several great coaches including Erik currently that have made a great impact on not only my running but everyday life! I hope that I can use my past experience to impact others in this way through coaching. I'm honored to be coaching for Trail Roots! 
What excites you about coaching? I love helping people reach their goals all while having fun in the process!
Why did you start running? I was always really active growing up and played a lot sports. My passion in high school was field hockey and I think I first became interested in running to stay in shape. I quickly realized that I really enjoyed it and
never looked back!
Have you run an ultra marathon? I ran my first marathon right after college and started trail running in 2010 after moving to Austin. My first ultra was
Rocky Raccoon 50 in 2011.

What is special about T.R?
It's such a wonderful and supportive group! I've been a member for over 3  years now. Erik has created a great sense of community with Trail Roots. I feel so lucky to be part of this amazing group of runners. We have so much fun!
What is your favorite part about leading the discovery group? I enjoy watching new runners get stronger and gain confidence on the trails throughout the program. I had so much fun coaching the last two Discovery groups and am looking forward to exploring the trails with our next group!
What are 2 tips for new runners? Listen to your body and never doubt your capabilities.  


What is a challenge you see new runners facing? There are so many options for gear, shoes etc. It can be overwhelming! I always tell new runners to use/wear what works best for them. Everyone is different, and it is important to test out different gear. 
Your Favorites? What's your favorite trail? I love the inside loops at Hill of Life. Those are my go to
trails when I'm by myself. What is your favorite workout or route? My favorite road
route is Barton Hills. What’s your favorite race you have completed? Mt. Hood 50. What is your favorite running brand? Oiselle and Rabbit. What are your favorite running shoes? Brooks Launch