Trainers and Racing Flats: When to Wear What

What shoes should you wear? First make sure your shoes aren't old. Strava has a tool where you can select which pair of shoes you wear for a specific run to help track mileage. (Join Trail Roots Club on Strava) In general I wouldn't wear a shoe for more than 500 miles. Some people and some conditions can wear the shoe down faster of course.

Racing Flats/Speed Workouts & Races: When trying to increase your speed I would try a lighter shoe. This doesn't necessarily mean a minimal shoe, but one that is lighter and gives you more response. Only use this shoe for your workouts.

Nike Terra Kiger Trail Shoe

Nike Terra Kiger Trail Shoe

Trail Shoes/Trail Runs: If you run trail with us on the weekends you will definitely want a pair of trail shoes. They typically are designed to handle the terrain better than road shoes. Plus some have better tread, rock plates, and toe guards to help you out.

Trainers/All Other Runs: For the rest of your runs use your general training shoe. This shoe is a little softer and heavier than your racing flat. But not so heavy that you don't like wearing it.

General Rule: There is no real "break-in" time for running shoes. If they don't feel good when you try them on, they aren't going to break in to feeling better later. Make sure the shoe fits your foot. Don't buy shoes blindly because your friend said they were a good shoe. Try them out for yourself first. Everyone has a different foot.

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