Emma Long Motocross Course


Address: 7544 Oak Shores Dr Austin, Texas
Difficulty: Challenging (Rocky and Hilly)
Distance: 5.5 mi loop
Terrain: Single track dirt and some exposed limestone. This is sticky clay dirt and slippery rock when wet. 
Amenities: Pit Restrooms
Parking: Gravel Parking Lot

NOTE: This trail has been designated as a motorbike and mountain bike trail only. This route has been used in the past for trail races, but remains closed to hikers.

This is a fun and challenging 10k trail loop. The trail is mostly single track with a few wider sections. It is pretty challenging and technical. There are lots of ledges and sharp drops and climbs. There are no long climbs, but the repetitive up and downs wear you down after a loop or two. The trail is marked with signs on trees that say "main loop" which can be easy identified. This is the 5.5 mile loop. To get the rest of the 10k loop you have to cross the parking lot and add on the 1/2 + mile of trail that starts just on the south side of the bathroom. 
Best breakfast option post run: Ski Shores located on Lake Austin! Great for post run tacos and beer! Located 5 minutes from the trailhead.