San Gabriel River Trail- Goodwater Loop (Lake Georgetown)


The Rundown
Address: 2100 Cedar Breaks Rd, Georgetown, TX 78633
Difficulty: Challenging (Rocky)
Distance: 26 mi loop or shorter out and back
Terrain: Single track dirt and exposed limestone.
Amenities: Restrooms, fishing, boat ramp = $5 entry 
Parking: If you park at the River Trail trailhead the park usually doesn’t charge


Cedar Breaks Park is run by the Army Corps of Engineers.
The trail is pretty technical at the 1 mile mark it you head clockwise around the lake. Lots of sharp limestone and all single track. You have some elevation change but nothing too challenging. This trail has tons of great outlooks on Lake Georgetown. I find Spring is the best time to run as the bluebonnets and wildflowers are blooming. On sunny days the lake looks turquoise. Most runners tend to run an out and back while a few will go for the entire 26+ mile loop. This is not fast course so plan accordingly! You can drop aid or food at alternate trailheads that you can find on the map below. 
For post run celebration breakfast the group heads over to Monument Cafe in downtown Georgetown!