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Looking for a dedicated but fun running group in Austin, TX? Trail Roots group training offers trail, track, and road runs for any level of runner– from absolute beginner, to casual runner, to ultra-marathoner. The Trail Roots community is always open and welcoming.  See some of the routes we run throughout Austin, or join us today! Choose the best option below. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. New members of give us 1 month and if you aren’t satisfied with the “Group Runs” program we will refund you + give you a $25 gift card for giving us a try.

Choose from our training programs below


Discovery Program

Sept 18th- Nov 9th
6:30am Wednesdays
7:30am Saturdays

This plan includes:

  • Weekly training plan email

  • Trail Roots tech shirt

New to trail running, or feel like you don't consider yourself a runner? Want to learn some of your local trails? See what you're made of! We want to help. Give us 8 weeks to help you change your perspective. We will focus on the true trail running basics.

Wednesday mornings are “trail tech day” and focus on general running and trail running basics. Saturday's are our longer trail run. This will range from 2-4 miles and can be a mix of running and run walking. This is a true beginner course! The last Saturday will be your chance to shine at our own Reimers Salmagundi Trail Run. Choose between a 5k or 10k!

Two Months - $99 total

How experienced should I be to join?  

Not very! You should though be able to run or run walk 2-3 miles comfortably when you start the training. We usually go 12-15 minutes/mile on the trail.

What is a Trail Tech Day?

For your Wednesday workouts we will focus on a specific trail technique that will allow you to become more comfortable running on the trail. This will range from things like trail navigation, pacing, breathing, running form and efficiency, and running up and down hills.

What should I bring to my first run?

Typically we tell you to bring a hand held water bottle or hydration pack and your running shoes! Other than that, just show up with road or trail shoes and a smile! We will spend one post run event at Ready to Run looking at specific gear that can help make you more comfortable on the trail.  


Group Runs

6:00pm Tuesdays
5:30am Thursdays
7:00am Saturdays
7:00am Sundays

This program includes:

  • Quality group workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Guided trail runs throughout Austin on Saturdays.

  • Long road run Sundays.

  • Discounts at partnering Austin retail locations

The weekday group run varies from trail, track, or road. Workouts will be supervised and water and electrolytes are provided. Sign up with a friend! See our referral program!

You can get the most out of your group training by adding: + Custom Plan or + Strength. Private training sessions are also available.

Monthly - $50/mo.

Six Months - $285

Sign up for 6 months and save!

12 Months - $549

Sign up for 11 months and get one free!


+ Custom Plan

Your own running plan and monthly meeting with your coach

This add on includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals

  • Monthly 1:1 consultation

  • Personalized monthly training plan

  • Trail Roots tech shirt.

  • Discounts at partnering Austin retail locations

This is geared towards runners who want a dedicated and custom plan each day.  Wake up worry free without wondering about your training. You have a plan! Each month you sit down with your coach to discuss your training and racing plans. Whether you are a veteran runner or attempting your first race, this is for you!

Monthly - $85/mo.

6 Months - $479

12 Months - $935

What does a personalized training plan mean?

This means that you and your coach sit down and discuss your goals, challenges, and experience. Then your coach will create a personalized plan just for you based on your goals. Your plan will include your entire month's worth of workouts as well as when to take days off. Many runners struggle to reach their goals because they don't know or don't plan days to push harder and days to let the body rest. Let us give you the appropriate guidance! 

What's wrong with just using a generic plan online?

Nothing. However, you get what you pay for. If you want generic results, then get a free plan online. If you want a professional to help and monitor you and guide you to the success you have envisioned, then the individualized training is your best option. 


+ Strength

Max 5-10 people per class
6:00pm Mondays & Wednesdays (Brentwood)
6:00am Mondays & Fridays (Downtown)

A focused strength training session up to 3 times/week that fills in the gaps that your typical running program may leave out. The small group is great for getting more focused and specific training. This strength and injury prevention program provides runners with a full body strength class to keep healthy and strong. This includes core strength, glute and leg strength, general stability, hurdle and mobility exercises and HIIT to advance your training. In this group you will have more individualized attention with the trainer at an affordable price, while also having the accountability that comes with being a part of a group. You can mix the two class locations to fit your schedule. Classes are limited to 10 spots.

Monthly - $89/mo.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I am training for a trail race, why should I run on the track or road too?

While the trail has much to offer, we have seen significant benefits from combining the road, trail, and track workouts. By running solely on the trail, runners tend to get comfortable in the same pace and lose some of their speed. You need variety in your training. The track workouts help with your speed and form. Your coach can watch you more closely while on the track and that allows us to provide more feedback.  The roads are great for strength-based workouts such as tempo runs and hill workouts. When we combine the two with the long trail runs we see better results. 

What if I am afraid to run alone?

Typically folks gather with similar paces. There is a chance you may end up on your own at some point of the run. We do have markers that will guide you through your run. It is normal to be uncomfortable in a new environment. You always have the option to do a few private sessions to get more comfortable prior to joining the group.

What do I need to bring? 

Running shoes and a water bottle. Here is a checklist for everything you will need as a new trail runner. 

Cancelation Policy

We do not offer refunds. You are able to manage your subscription online and can cancel at any time.  If you have purchased a 6 or 12 month package and are injured for longer than 1 month we will give you a credit to use on future training. For Austin group running we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your training and our group after 2 months, we will refund you 100% for both months and a $25 gift card.

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