Individual Training


Have some specific goals in mind and want dedicated one-on-one attention? Individual coaching helps you stay on track.  Train in person in Austin, TX or anywhere with online training.

Our coaches will help you identify your goals, develop a strategy to accomplish them with specific workouts and schedules, and encourages you to meet and exceed your goals.


Austin Personal Trainer

Great for a beginner or competitive runner in Austin wanting individual attention to learn the trails, focus on running form, discuss nutrition plans, or someone to help push your limits.

What do you get with this program?

  • Full training schedule for beginners to advanced

  • A one-on-one training consultation each month

  • Between 1–3 private workouts per week with your coach specifically developed to help you achieve your fitness and running goals 

Personal Training as low as $99


Online Personal Trainer

Don't live in Austin? Still want someone to hold you accountable and coach you to your full potential? Online training comes with a monthly training schedule and phone consultations to review goals, workouts, and training plans. This conversation provides feedback and can help shape your individual goals. We coach road and trail running! Read below to find a coaching plan that works for you. 

Who is this program for?
This program is for someone who can't meet in person or who lives outside of Austin. 

What do you get with this program? 
You get a routine Skype or phone consultation (your preference) where we discuss your goals, training plan, and previous or upcoming workouts. We then create a custom plan for you based off of this discussion. This gives you a great opportunity to increase your workload in a healthy and productive manner. We have worked with folks training for races like the NY marathon to the Bandera trail races. 

Basics - $99/mo

1 hr Initial Consultation
Trail Roots Shirt
Monthly 30min Consultation
Training plan with some detail
Email once a week max
Plan adjustment once a month max

Intermediate - $165/mo

1 hr Initial Consultation
Trail Roots Shirt
2x Monthly 30min Consultation
Training plan with more detail
Email 3x a week max
Plan adjustment 3x a month max
Race & Recovery Plans

All In - $249/mo

1 hr Initial Consultation
Trail Roots Shirt
Weekly 30min Consultation
Training plan with most detail
Email as much as you need
Plan adjustment as much as you need
Race & Recovery Plans


Frequently Asked Questions

What is wrong with training from a generic plan online?

Nothing. However, you get what you pay for. If you want generic results, then get a free plan online. If you want a professional to help and monitor you and guide you to the success you have envisioned, then  one of our options will  get you there! 

Who are the coaches?

Learn about our trainers.

What are other runners saying about Trail Roots personal training?

Erik’s workouts are interesting and challenging. He is always changing it up. Erik looks at the whole person and works on nutrition and training to reach goals. He gives every client a lot of personalized attention. Working with Erik has been the best personal training experience for me.
— Paige B of Austin, TX
Through Erik’s training, I’ve seen major gains in my running. Every month, it’s one improvement after another. For instance, I’ve cut a minute and a half off my 5k pace and 3 minutes off my half marathon pace. I’m about to run my first marathon and without his coaching and support, I’m certain that I wouldn’t have the confidence to follow through with that goal.
— Tracey M. of Austin, TX